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Ellon Reminiscence Group's Own Page


11 February 2007

Having finally got round to transcribing Pam & May's interview, I came across a poetic gem from Pam - so for the first time in public, Pam Ledingham reads The Minister


Go to the PodCast page to hear the recording


Text -


The Minister

It hid bin plietery yesterday/ But noo the sun wis haet

An we were taakin in the hey/ Fan, steppin’ through the gate

Lang black coat, shiny sheen/ Collar back tae front

He picked his wye far the kye hid been/ And gid the door a dunt

The wife ben in the kitchen eyn mutters /’Och, Guid’s sake, look faa’s here!’

‘Oh, it’s you, minister, come awa in/ See here, I’ll dicht ‘iss cheer

Na, na, ye arena hinderin’ ma/ I’ll cry on John oot bye

Jist sit yersel richt doon noo/ An’ I’ll mak’s aa a fly’

Well, he sat an spak abeen twa oors/ An’ he drank fower cups o’ tay

An’ we were gettin’ anxious tae see the bonny day/

Gettin’ blacker as he blethered on

An’ fan at last he gid/ The rain wis fairly dinging doon

An’ the hayrigs never made/ They sat until they blackened

Cos the weather broke that day/

Oh Lord, please dinna send yer servant/ fan we’re takin’ in the hay!



12 October 2006


I had a lovely first visit with the Ladies of the Ellon Reminiscence Group and their organiser, Anne McQuarrie at the Ellon Library Local History Room. The members had brought in some pictures of Ellon and other related things from lang syne and they had a good blether about them.


The group have already produced an excellent reminscence from Pat and May, which will form part of the Project Archive for Formartine. We look forward to more from Anne and the Ladies!


Click HERE for a look at some pictures from my visit


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