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Methlick Heritage Society


Fit like?

- Margaret Middleton & Roland Buchan are our local volunteers


Methlick's ir first interview - Alice Cheyne of West Monlettie, formerly of Wells of Newton recalls her family, the Chapmans, and a great variety of memories including school, storms, wartime, games, holidays and farming. Can't wait to get stuck into it!


And faa wid hae kent it? Alice's son, George Cheyne was one of our judges in the Design Comp.  George is an archive assistant for RGU in Aberdeen, he's also a good artist and drummer in his spare time. 


The Methlick Grace


O Lord, we sikk a blessin noo,

On ilka ashet stappit foo,

On dreepin roasts for ilka mou'

Or troots fae oot the Ythan


An faan it's hame we're bound the nicht,

Tae Fyvie, Ellon, Maud or Gight,

Lord, grant us a meen that's shinin bricht

Lest we faa intae the Ythan


The above was mentioned by a David Ogston from Scone who wrote to the Glasgow Herald (9/2/08).  It could equally be called the Formartine Grace!!


Methlick Bridge - (this picture can be found on the Saltire Society Website)


Methlick Interviewees:


  • Charlie Allan - I visited Charlie in January
  • Willie Adie & Charles Reid, Roland interviewed both Willie and Charlie
  • Ethel Stanger entertained Vi Taylor with her experiences as housekeeper at Haddo House
  • Jimmy French spoke to Helen Tawse
  • Barbara McKay had a chat with Florence Cadger, and Florence also spoke to Robert Taylor





















This picture of Methlick can be found on the Partnership's main site




Methlick Heritage had a visit from the RCAHMS (Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments in Scotland) back in Sep 05 as part of the Recording Your Heritage Online project - and the above pic comes from their site - there's a pile of info on there and links for your interest!



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